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Since the beginning of Christmas H.O.P.E. Project in 2004, we have reached thousands of children and orphans with the good news of Jesus.  Here are just a few of the photos with our volunteers giving these gifts to the children. 

Not all photographs can be shared due to the violent conditions in which these children live in every day.  For their protection we have blocked out information that may harm them.

Through Christmas H.O.P.E. you can make a difference in a child’s life. By monthly making a donation you can be an active part in spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ, so we can reach one child at a time. DONATE NOW
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Christmas H.O.P.E. Street Outreach 2009

Christmas H.O.P.E. Street Outreach 2010
Christmas H.O.P.E. Street Outreach 2011

Christmas H.O.P.E. Street Outreach 2012
Festival of Lights (Night)

Christmas H.O.P.E. International
Love Came Down at Christmas
(Faces are hidden to protect the
 child's identify for their safety)

Christmas H.O.P.E. International 2014


School supply packages being assembled for
 three orphanages including teens. 
Due to the war in the Ukraine we are withholding
photos of the kids and workers for their protection.

We also send materials for Easter at the same time. 
Each child's packet includes their own crayons or supplies.
The teacher's or staff leaders receive an instructor's
copy to assist them in the lesson.

Christmas H.O.P.E. International 2014
 Besides sending gift packs, Christmas H.O.P.E. partners with
local ministries in Mexico providing much needed meals
 and basic living supplies to the orphanages.
Christmas H.O.P.E.  Street Outreach 2015
USA Head Start Programs
Over 500 children were reached in
America through Christmas H.O.P.E.  

Gift packs included Coloring Sheets, Crayons,

Candy Canes, Instructional Guides for Teachers and

Parents, Stickers, Ministry Outreach Information.

Christmas H.O.P.E. International 2015
Dominican Republic 
Gift packs included Spanish Coloring Sheets, Crayons,
Candy Canes, Instructional Guides for Teachers and
Parents, Ministry Outreach Information.
Instructional Lessons for Instructors with activities
for classroom and home follow-up.
Boxes of crayons are supplied for each child in
the orphanage for the Sunday School lessons.
Without donations children do not have regular
 classroom supplies needed.

 Christmas H.O.P.E.  Street Outreach 2016
SOFFY Kidz Ministry Gift Pack ages 7-12

SOFFY Kidz Gift Pack ages 2-6

 Volunteer Pastor Jim handing out gift packets

Christmas H.O.P.E. Parents Packets
At Dusk

Would you look at that smiling face!!!

Your generous gifts make this happen!

Thank you for giving to the
 Christmas H.O.P.E. Project.

Please specify Christmas H.O.P.E. 
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